The Brazilian Wax Explained

Brazilian Wax - The cutting edge bikini wax for women.

I have provided a brief description of the treatments below, however I believe it is "your" Brazilian Wax and everyone has their own preference. If you would like to modify any of the waxes, please ask prior to your treatment.

Please remember I have over 25 years waxing experience and performed thousands of waxing treatments, during this time there's not much I haven't seen or heard before so if you have a question and are a little apprehensive in asking please don't worry, the chances are you're not the first person to ask.

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Brazilian Wax


Bikini Wax

Remove all the hair outside the panty line. This is simply a good tidy up before wearing a Bikini.

Landing Strip


Leaving a fine strip of hair from front all the way to the back (can include the bottom area as you prefer). All other hair is removed.

Martini Glass


Remove all hair off the bikini line, from front all the way to the back (including the bottom area). A small rectangle (Landing Strip) or triangle (Martini Glass) is left at the front as you prefer.


Full Bikini

Remove all hair off the bikini line, from front all the way to the back (including the bottom area). Completely smooth.

What people say

  • I must admit Jayne, I was a little anxious about having a Brazilian Wax, however you are such a warm and understanding person you put my mind at rest. Myself and my husband are extremely thankful you did !

    Susan B, Poole
  • Jayne made me feel at ease and very welcome. I had to bring my 2 young children but this was no problem at all. Many thanks Jayne looking forward to my next appt.

    Justine A, Poole
  • Wow, what can I say. The quickest, painless wax I have ever had. Jayne, you are a true professional and one I would recommend at the drop of a hat.

    Clare G, Poole

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